Benefits of Riding an Exercise Bike for 20 minutes a day

Benefits of Riding an Exercise Bike for 20 minutes a day

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Stationary exercise bikes are wonderful for modern home gyms and are ideal for beginners.

However, the average person will want to understand how to make the most of their new machine. Is the stationary bike a good option for those wanting to use it 20 minutes each day?

This article is going to take a deeper look into the merits of using an exercise bike (the Bowflex C6 a top-rated choice) at home and what a shorter session can yield.

Top 6 Benefits of Riding a Stationary Bike for 20 Minutes per Day

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  1. Improved Endurance
  2. Burns Calories
  3. Easy on the Joints
  4. Ideal for Beginners
  5. Strengthens the Core
  6. Improved Heart Health

1. Improved Endurance

Your endurance levels are generally going to be below-par if you aren’t working out regularly. This means even going up a flight of stairs will feel like a mission.

To avoid feeling this ever again, you should take the time to use a stationary bike for 20 minutes each day. Even a small change such as this is going to push your health to the next level.

After a while, you will realize how easy it is to work out and that is going to spread into all facets of your life. You will also see a reduction in fatigue and that is never a bad thing for your overall health.

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2. Burns Calories

In general, the average person is going to burn at least 80-100 calories per 20 minutes at a higher intensity [1]. This is wonderful for those wanting a strong workout session without having to spend hours using the bike.

If you are consistent with their workout sessions, it’s going to be a wonderful option for your home gym. You can easily walk up to the stationary bike, turn it on, and push through a 20-minute workout.

This is a great option for anyone that wants to start losing fat without spending a lot of time in the gym. If you increase the intensity, even more, you are going to burn more calories. It’s all about finding the right balance to make sure you don’t injure yourself.

3. Easy on the Joints

Studies have shown that a stationary bike is one of the best exercise machines on the planet when it comes to low-impact exercises [2].

Why choose a machine that is going to put your joints under stress again and again? This is something that is often seen with machines such as the treadmill because of how high-impact they can be. Instead of relying on one of these machines, it’s better to go with a stationary bike for your home gym.

A simple 20-minute session isn’t going to put a tremendous amount of stress on your joints and will allow you to feel good about your workout session.

If the goal is to burn calories, improve your heart health, and continue to get fitter than this is the route to take. Your joints are going to remain in great shape even if you use a stationary bike every day for 20 minutes.

4. Ideal for Beginners

Let’s assume you are someone that has never worked out in the past and wants to ease into things. This is when you are going to think about setting up a straightforward workout program where you ride the bike for 20 minutes per day.

It’s a simple strategy that is going to work out as well as long as you are willing to follow it properly.

The beauty of using a stationary bike in the first place has to do with how easy it is. You are not going to have a huge learning curve and that alone allows you to quickly refine your resistance settings. The average person will know what works and what doesn’t within the first few sessions.

This isn’t the same with other machines, which leads to inefficient workouts that aren’t in your favor. Keep things simple and look to use a stationary bike for at least 20 minutes per day for good results.


5. Strengthens the Core

Several different muscle groups are used when riding a stationary bike.

This has to do with how the exercise machine works and how your muscles are used from start to finish. With a stationary bike, you are going to notice an uptick in both your leg strength and core strength.

If you push hard enough, you will start to feel the abs burn because of how much effort is exerted during a tough 20-minute session. This is why riders are encouraged to continue to increase the resistance levels to get more out of their workouts.

6. Improved Heart Health

Your heart is an important part of the human body and is going to play a major role in how you feel over time. This is why building endurance and making sure you are as healthy as possible becomes important.

With the help of a quick session each day using your stationary bike, it’s possible to build a stronger heart. As time goes on, you are going to start to realize how relaxed your heart is.

Even when you put in a good workout session, you will be able to catch your breath quickly. This is when the merits of a stationary bike start to shine through. For those dealing with heart-related issues, it’s never a bad idea to slowly get stronger by working out.

You are going to give your heart a better chance of powering your body and keeping you healthy as you grow older.

Final Thoughts: Which Bike Works Best?

In the end, riding a stationary bike is one of the best decisions a person can make. It is going to take no time at all to learn and you can fully tailor the workout session based on your physical requirements.

For example, if you are trying to burn as many calories as possible within 20 minutes, you can do so by ramping up the resistance. This is a great way to feel good about your health and continue to progress towards an improved lifestyle.

Sometimes, all it takes is a consistent routine even if it is just for 20 minutes each day. Don’t overlook the merits of consistency and refining how you use a stationary bike because the results will come.

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