CITYROW GO Rower Reviews: Max vs Classic – Which Rower Should You Buy?

CITYROW GO Rower Reviews: Max vs Classic – Which Rower Should You Buy?

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For those who have yet to discover rowing workouts, get ready to experience something very different. And while there is nothing wrong with other in-home training equipment, it is hard to compare anything to the unique sessions offered by a rower. This is an intense, low-impact cardiovascular workout that involves the upper and lower body.

In other words, 86% of your muscles will feel the burn once you are done. But you can also allow yourself to get swept away and meditate while rowing.

On top of giving you a full-body workout, connected workouts make the experience even more immersive. These workouts are streamed and they come with real motivational instructors you can follow and learn from.

CITYROW GO is a leader in both streaming workouts and rowing machines.

This CITYROW GO review will cover just about everything you need to know regarding the app and their machines. So, the only question is whether you are ready to take your in-home workout to another level?


Nobody will blame you for feeling slightly overwhelmed when you first discover CITYROW GO. This is because you are introduced to a range of different classes, aimed at helping EVERYONE with any type of fitness goal. Simply download the app and start putting together workout sessions according to your level of fitness.

More details about what you can expect when using the app comes a little later in this review.

But for now, be aware that CITYROW has a strong reputation within the fitness community, and they currently have two rowing machine models

Here’s a quick look at what the CITYROW GO has to offer:

Think CITYROW sounds like the perfect fit? Try it risk-free at the link below:

CITYROW GO Rowers: Max Vs Classic

An interesting fact about using rowing machines involves the overall dynamic. The heavier the person using the rower, the more calories they burn. But not all rowing machines are the same and it is recommended to pay attention to the details before buying one.

In this case, we compare the two high-quality models on offer by CITYROW GO.

Classic Model Features Overview

the Classic rower

One of the things that make the CITYROW GO Classic model so special is the water-resistance system used for the flywheel. Also referred to as original the WaterFlyWheel, you literally get to make waves as you work out. And for those who might not know it, this type of flywheel setting provides natural resistance levels. The harder you push yourself, the more resistance you can expect.

At the same time, it sounds like you are actually on a lake or a river.

Other features that should grab your attention is the quality design using American Ash for the wood sections, and black powder-coated aluminum for the rest. Not only is the rower compact and stores in a stand-up position, but it showcases well. No matter where you put it, the rower is bound to look good next to various furniture styles.

A backlit monitor with Bluetooth connectivity gives you basic information about your workout. And you do not have to worry about plugging it in because the monitor comes with long-lasting rechargeable batteries. You also get a 5-year warranty on the wood frame, as well as a 3-year warranty for components.

Top Features:

  • WaterFlyWheel for natural sounds and resistance levels
  • Does not take up too much space thanks to the compact design
  • Constructed from quality materials
  • Presents well in any room
  • Backlit monitor for tracking your workout
  • Strong warranty plan


  • Length: 83.5” / 212 cm
  • Width: 22.25” / 57 cm
  • Height: 20” / 51 cm
  • Weight: 61 lbs / 28 kg (without water)

CITYROW GO Max Model Overview

the Max rowing machine

Believe it or not, you can take your workout up a notch with the CITYROW GO Max model. Although, you are looking at the same basic design as the Classic.

Why fix something that isn’t broke, right? You get the same patented WaterFlyWheel system for natural resistance and a realistic rowing experience.  It also features quality construction with American Ash and aluminum. But there are some extras that make this particular model more alluring.

For starters, it comes with a 19.5-inch sweat-proof touchscreen that can swivel up to 30 degrees for the perfect view. This screen is used to access thousands of classes and on-demand workouts. Alternatively, you can use it to listen to music through the high-quality 20-watt speaker system.

And if you prefer headphones, simply utilize the Bluetooth connection. To place the finishing touch, the rower offers a Wi-Fi connection.

Just like the Classic model, the rower is compact, stylish, and it can be stored in an upright position. It also carries the same warranty of 5-years for the frame and 3-years for non-electrical components. As for the tablet, you get a 1-year warranty.

Top Features:

  • Immersive workout with the built-in tablet
  • Realistic rowing experience
  • Quality materials for construction
  • Compact and stylish
  • Access thousands of workouts and classes
  • High-quality sound
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Strong warranty plan


  • Length:  83.5” / 212 cm
  • Width: 22.25” / 57 cm
  • Height: 45” / 114.9 cm
  • Weight: 75 lbs / 34 kg (without water)

The CITYROW GO App Studio Workout Experience

the CITYROW GO app workouts

Trainers that live in the New York area are responsible for all the amazing on-demand classes you can tap into. And one of the reasons people prefer going to the gym is because they want someone with experience and energy to lead the way. Well, now you can get that gym experience right at home.

As mentioned earlier, anybody with a fitness goal can find what they are looking for through the CITYROW GO app, with or without a rower.

These classes are divided into:

  • Signature HIIT
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Yoga
  • Kinstretch
  • Cardio & Core

Whether you want to get fit with or without a rower, the choice is totally up to you. And yes, every class features experienced instructors that help you to perfect your technique while they inspire you to keep going. Can it get any better you wonder? You can if you add the real-time metrics.

Stay on top of the “distance” you row, your split time, and even the personal records you set. Alternatively, you can participate in the Just Row option, where you build your own programs and listen to your favorite music while rowing.

Everything happens through a high-quality touch screen, depending on the CITYROW GO rowing model you choose. Or you can use your own device and simply download the CITY ROW app. Options, options, options, don’t you just love them? The best part is that new classes are added on a regular basis.

Receive all the workout data immediately, get motivated by the energy of the professional instructors, and reach your fitness goal quicker than you thought you would. Because the immersive experience will no doubt keep you coming back.

CITYROW GO Pros and Cons


  • Access to some of the best workout classes with highly experienced trainers from NY
  • Their already huge library of workouts continues to grow constantly
  • The app comes with on and off-machine workout sessions
  • Realistic experience of being on the water thanks to the patented WaterFlyWheel system
  • Full body workout with the Classic and Max models
  • Extensive range of workouts for every fitness goal
  • Quality from the design and construction of the rowers to the workout experience through the app


  • The WaterFlyWheel requires a bit more maintenance when compared to other rowing models
  • Assembling is required with the Classic model
  • Tablet is not part of the Classic model package

Storage Options: Is it Easy to Store?

the rower features an easy fold design for storage

Yes, CITYROW GO rowers are designed with your space in mind. Not only do they look great, but they take up minimal space, and can easily folded up and stowed away.

Pricing Options: How Much Does the CITYROW GO Rower Cost?

A subscription fee to the app will cost $29 a month or $348 annually without any special deals. And if you want to test the app first, you can uitilize the free two-week trial.

  • The Classic rower package (rower + app) costs $1,495.00
  • The Max rower package (rower + app) costs $2,195.00

See current CITYROW GO prices at their website.

Where To Buy CITYROW GO?

It is always recommended to buy CITYROW GO directly from the website. This way you can trust you get the original product. And if something goes wrong or you need client support, there won’t be any issues or complications because you bought from a third-party.

More importantly, you get the best deals when buying directly from CITYROW GOconnect with their official website here.

Summary: Who Should Buy A CITYROW GO?

Anybody with a desire to increase their quality of life through exercise should consider the CITYROW GO app and rowers. Not only is the overall experience fun, but you also work most of the muscles in your body with a single session. And do not forget the realism behind the workout if you choose to buy a rower. It literally feels like you are putting oars in the water with every stroke.

As for the workouts, they are as effective as they are immersive. Thanks to the amazing trainers who feature in the workouts, you can count on staying motivated all the way through. And there is something for everyone.

Whether you want to take it slow with some yoga, or if you want something more intense for building strength and endurance, the CITYROW GO brand has you covered.