Can You Lose Belly Fat on a Rowing Machine?

Can You Lose Belly Fat on a Rowing Machine?

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Losing belly fat is not as easy as it looks and a lot of people give up before ever giving it a real shot. If you are in this position, it’s essential to understand your options before deciding one way or the other.

This is why more and more people are starting to look at the merits of rowing for burning fat.

If you want to make sure the belly fat melts away, it is recommended to look at the benefits of a high-grade rowing machine. With the help of this rowing machine, you will start to see the fat go away as you put in the hours.

Here is a deeper dive into what makes rowing machines a great addition to any fat loss plan and why it will work for you.

Tips for Burning Stomach Fat On a Rowing Machine

Let’s begin with the basics when it comes to understanding belly fat and rowing machines.

Belly fat goes away when you are in a caloric deficit, which can come through several different ways (i.e. eating properly, working out). However, optimal fat loss comes when you are active as it will not only burn fat when you are working out but even during your resting phase.


This is where a rowing machine comes into action as a viable option for burning belly fat.

Based on recent studies, a 30-minute workout on a rowing machine will burn 316 calories (for a 150 lbs person).

This is a staggering number of calories and demonstrates the real value of this type of workout and what it brings to the table during your weight loss journey.

Benefits of Rowing for Fat Loss

  • Optimal Calorie Burning

There is nothing more important than optimal calorie burning when it comes to maximizing your energy output. You will want to use a machine that is going to maximize each minute spent sweating things out.

This is where the rowing machine stands out.

It is noted for burning a significant number of calories over a short period. This is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of time to work out and still want to make sure they are burning enough calories to make a dent in their body fat percentage.

Start with something as simple as this and you will see impressive results over the long-run.

  • Easy on the Joints

To the surprise of many people, it is important to think about your joints.

The amount of stress that is put on a person’s joints when they are running on a treadmill or just going for a walk outdoors can be staggering. It is just not worth it and you are going to end up dealing with a long list of health-related concerns down the road.

To keep things simple, it is better to focus on an exercise that allows you to burn fat without endangering the health of your joints.

Key joints that are impacted include:

  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Hips

The reason this helps with belly fat loss has to do with the amount of energy you can use during a workout session.

The rowing machine isn’t going to start hurting your joints as long as you are using the right form. This is why the rower is a great fit because it will allow you to go hard without having to compromise your health along the way.

For a lot of people, this is a major plus point and one that makes it easier to get to their ideal physique.

  • Full-Body Movement

The movement is something you will start to think about when it is time to burn belly fat.

The reason a lot of people don’t burn belly fat has to do with how they are working out. If you are not maximizing your time during a workout session, you are going to end up going through the motions.

Based on the amount of effort you are going to put in using a rowing machine, it will make a serious difference.


You are going to start seeing strength gains while also shedding fat. This is a win-win for those who want to make sure they are progressing down the right path and shedding fast as soon as they can.

Why settle for an average workout when you can get a real workout in? This is where the rowing machine stands out and becomes the ultimate solution for those serious about getting rid of their excess body fat.

  • Easy to Adjust Resistance

The reason a lot of people prefer using something like the rowing machine has to do with adjustability.

You can toggle through the resistance levels until you are fully satisfied with the amount of effort being put in.

This is great for advanced users that still want to get rid of that last little bit of belly fat.

  • Keeps Testing the Body’s Endurance

It is your endurance that is always going to play a role when you are figuring out what to do to lose belly fat.

The more your endurance gets up, the more value you are going to get from a rowing machine. Eventually, you are going to get to the stage where the results come quickly.

The benefits include:

  • Constant Muscular Development
  • Ongoing Fat Burning
  • Increasing Stamina

This is just an impressive way to improve your health from top to bottom.

If you are serious about losing belly fat then the rowing machine will simply make you a fitter person. It is a win-win from all angles.

  • Rowing is Fun!

There is a sense of fun that comes along with this and it is a major advantage when you are going through regular workout sessions.

You will want something easy to customize, unique, and just has the kind of quality you are looking for.

If you want something easy on the mind and a lot of fun while burning fat, you will want to take a look at the rowing machine. It simply offers an entertaining way to burn fat and that is always the best option if you don’t want to get bored.

A lot of people struggle just because they get bored along the way.

  • Can Be Calming

Now, this is a fact that has been studied in detail over the years when it comes to workout options for weight loss.

You can get into a meditative state with the help of a rowing machine because it is rhythmic. You are going to get into a rhythm and that is when you will start enjoying the real perks of a workout such as this one.

It is something that is going to be calming and enjoyable for a long time to come.

Final Thoughts

Losing belly fat is all about having a customized strategy and combining it with hard work.

Nothing comes easy especially when it is time to lose fat in those “tough” areas. This is why anyone that is thinking about getting rid of belly fat quickly will have to make use of high-value exercises such as rowing.

Rowing machines are jam-packed with benefits when it comes to burning calories and getting rid of fat. In no time, you are going to start seeing a change in your body composition and that is when the fat will begin to drip away.

Make sure to set a proper workout program, eat right, and ensure you are getting enough rest after workouts. As long as you do this, the results will come the way you want them to!

If you’re not where to start with a rowing weight loss program, we suggest starting with a connected rowing option – read our Echelon rower review to see one of our favorite options.