Echelon Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale: 2022

Echelon Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale: 2022

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Echelon makes some of the best fitness equipment available, and they have quickly become an industry-leader in the smart fitness space. That’s because they now have multiple options for streaming live and on demand workouts.

While the Echelon smart fitness equipment is already some of the most affordable in the industry, there are times when you can secure even bigger discounts with a coupon or promo code.

Below, you can find the latest and best Echelon Coupons for their Smart Connect Bike, Reflect, Rower, and more.

Echelon Black Friday and Cyber Monday Coupons (2022 Update)

Last Deals We Saw:

  • 25% off equipment with yearly membership, two year or existing membership
  • 25% off apparel and accessories
  • 15% off any product with a monthly membership.

Wondering about the Echelon fitness equipment that you can save on using their current promo codes?

Here’s a quick look at some of their most popular smart fitness equipment:

Echelon Bikes

The Echelon Bike (read testimonial) is one of the hottest names in fitness right now. That could be because they’ve finally brought an affordable smart bike to the market, or because it’s one of the best-quality cycles available.

Either way, if you’ve been looking for an affordable biking option for streaming live and on demand spin classes, Echelon is about as good as it gets.

Current Models

  • EX3
  • EX5
  • EX5s
  • EX7
  • EXPro

Each of the Echelon Bike Models offers different pricing points and features, so it’s best to buy the one that meets your budget and fitness needs.

If you’re looking for the cheapest option, then the EX1 should be at the top of your list.

Want their best bike? Then the EX5 or EX5s should be your top pick.

Echelon Reflect

Smart Mirrors are becoming more popular by the second, as more people realize everything that these amazing pieces of technology have to offer.

If you’re unfamiliar, think of the Echelon Reflect (see review) as your own on demand personal trainer designed as a full-length mirror that you can hang anywhere you want to sneak in a quick workout.

What looks like a beautiful mirror quickly transforms into a beautiful touchscreen display, with access to live and on demand workouts. Reflect workout options include yoga, pilates, HIIT, cardio, stretching, and much more.

Current Models

  • Reflect 40″
  • Reflect 50″ Touch

Both models of the Echelon Reflect offer the same workout options, the big difference is the size of each smart mirror, and the touch screen options.

If you buy the 40″ model, you’ll need to use the Echelon App to control it. The 50″ Touch allows you to control the Reflect simply by touching the screen – much like a giant iPad.

Echelon Rower

Echelon is one of the first companies to bring a smart rower to market, making this one of our favorite releases of the year. Rowing machine workouts are some of the best out there, and now you can take part in live and on demand classes.

The Echelon Rower (see review) is one of their newest releases, and at last check they were offering some really great introductory pricing.

While the Echelon Rower is in the very early stages of its release, it should be fully available soon.

Echelon Stride Treadmill

Echelon recently launched an all-new auto-folding treadmill called the Stride. It’s sleek, takes up minimal space, and can easily be stored as needed.

They’re sure to be offering so awesome pricing on the Stride with their latest promos, so be sure to check their website for their current deals.

Echelon FitPass

Want to stream live and on demand workouts, without the need for bulky equipment, mirrors, bikes, or anything else? Then Echelon FitPass may be your perfect fit.

With FitPass you can stream Echelon Studio fitness classes on your TV – take part in live classes, or stream them on demand.

This is a great option for those who want to take part in workout classes without having to go to the gym, and without much equipment.

In most cases, all you’ll need is a mat, some dumbbells, and that’s about it.

Check Latest Echelon FitPass sales here.

Black Friday / Cyber MondayPromo Summary

Summarizing everything we’ve outlined above:

Echelon makes some of the best fitness equipment available, offers live and on demand workout classes, and has been known to run some amazing promos throughout the year.

Do you need a coupon code?

Yes…while Echelon often offers discounted pricing, they also run lots of promos that require a coupon code to lock in their best savings.

You can find their latest codes below: