Echelon Financing: Do They Offer Buy Now Pay Later?

Echelon Financing: Do They Offer Buy Now Pay Later?

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When it comes to connected fitness equipment, Echelon is about as good as it gets. They have created an amazingly immersive workout experience, that covers pretty much every area of fitness imaginable.

They now offer a series of rowing machines, bikes, a treadmill, and a smart home gym, so pretty much all of your bases are covered.

While their workout experience truly is amazing, buying high-tech equipment can be expensive.

Fortunately, Echelon offers some of the more affordable pricing options in the space, and they also offer financing options on all of their products. That means, you can purchase most Echelon equipment with no money down, and then pay a monthly fee to cover the cost.

Here’s a brief overview of how Echelon financing works:

Echelon Financing Options and Monthly Costs via Affirm

Financing options are available for all of the products Echelon sells, for those who qualify. Your monthly payment will vary, depending on what you buy, though, so let’s quickly look at the Echelon financing options by equipment selection:

Bike Financing Prices

  • EX1: $59 per Month
  • EX3: $49 per Month
  • EX5: $56 per Month
  • Ex5s: $65 per Month

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  • Row: $49 per Month
  • Row-S: $65 per Month

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  • Reflect 40: $49 per Month
  • Reflect 50: $54 per Month

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Stride Treadmill

  • Starts at $62 per Month

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No Money Down: Buy Now, Pay Later?

Echelon equipment is available for purchase with no money down for those who qualify. If you’re credit isn’t top notch, then you may be required to put some money down with your purchase.

The application process is super quick and easy and eligibility for buy now, pay later depends on a few factors, including:

  • Credit Score
  • Employment Status
  • Debt to Income Ratio
  • Monthly Income

How Do You Apply?

Finding out whether or not you’re eligible for Echelon’s Affirm financing options takes a matter of minutes. Simply answer a few questions to get started:

affirm financing at their website