Bowflex C6 vs Keiser M3i: The More Well-Rounded Exercise Bike is?

Bowflex C6 vs Keiser M3i: The More Well-Rounded Exercise Bike is?

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Indoor cycling has become quite a popular workout to burn fat fast. There are many brands of indoor exercise bikes on the market today. But all of them are not created alike. That’s why you need to be cautious when investing in an exercise bike to maintain your health and well-being.

Bowflex C6 and Keiser M3i are two of the most popular exercise bikes out there. Both these bikes stand out from the rest of their competition due to their high quality and great features. In fact, you may find it difficult to choose between the C6 and M3i because both of them are excellent products compared to most of the other brands in the market.

This article will make your purchasing decision easier by comparing the Bowflex C6 and Keiser M3i exercise bikes.

Bowflex C6 VS Keiser M3i: Features Comparison

Bowflex C6 is one of the most affordable exercise bikes that leverages the popularity of Peloton and other smart apps. You can access more than a dozen different fitness apps – including Peloton and Zwift – when you invest in this exercise bike. The C6 is one of the exercise bikes with the most diversity in terms of training options.

The C6 isn’t feature-rich like most of its competitor brands because the bike lets its connection to technology do most of the heavy lifting. Here are some of the salient features of the

Bowflex C6 Key Features

an overview of the c6 bike from bowflex

  • The bike is compatible with numerous fitness apps including Peloton, Zwift, and many other training apps
  • The quiet magnetic flywheel system has many levels of resistance to increase your workout intensity – 1-100 variable
  • The backlit LCD display
  • Has a Bluetooth armband heart rate monitor
  • Caged pedals that are compatible with road bike pedals
  • Set of 3-pound dumbbells for upper body workouts
  • Max weight allowable is 330 pounds
  • Has two water bottle holders
  • Multigrip handlebars
  • Portable with transport wheels
  • Warranty: Frame 10 years / electronics and parts 3 years / labor 1 year

Keiser M3i Key Features

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle overview

The Keiser M3i is one of the latest and most popular exercise bikes on the market today. It’s worth considering this product for either home use or commercial use. It’s one of the first indoor bikes to have a Bluetooth wireless computer.

The information on the computer is shown on a display when you are involved in a group exercise class. The sleek and attractive design and innovative technology are what make this bike stand out from the rest of its competition. The bike can be adjusted to different user heights and is ideal for commercial use.

Here are some of the salient features of the Keiser M3i:

  • Seat and handlebars can be adjusted quickly and easily
  • The handlebars have 4 grip positions – ideal for varied riding positions
  • A sturdy and durable frame which is ideal for commercial use
  • The magnetic resistance system provides 24 levels of resistance
  • LCD system has a light sensor that turns on in dark areas – it needs 2 AA batteries to operate
  • The seat can be adjusted depending on the height of the rider – one only has to loosen the levers behind the seat
  • Caged pedals are quite comfortable while its curvature matches the normal shoe design
  • Water bottle holder conveniently fixed to the frame of the bike
  • The 8-pound flywheel is made of steel and makes sure the rider gets the most natural ride
  • The M3i integrates Bluetooth technology
  • The media tray lets you place your smartphone or tablet to have access to entertainment while you ride

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Workout Experience: Is Keiser Or Bowflex Better?

The C6 is designed to work with numerous fitness apps including Peloton and Zwift. The world is really your oyster when it comes to workout program options. You can opt for the free trials offered by most of these apps until you choose the best app suitable for your needs.

Although the Keiser M3i is designed to be compatible with numerous fitness apps including Peloton and Zwift, you need to make an additional purchase known as the “M-Series Converter” to access multiple app compatibility. The converter is a small device – the size of a heart rate monitor – that could be attached to the backside of the media holder of the bike. The holder operates on a coin cell battery that lasts for 3 months.

The workout experience on the M3i is more expensive because you have to buy an extra gadget to access popular fitness apps. If you are looking for a better and affordable workout experience, you should opt for the Bowflex C6. The bike is ready to ride with immediate access to a wide variety of fitness apps just by paying the subscription fee.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Real users have been saying a lot of good things about the Bowflex C6 and Keiser M3i. Both bikes are given 4.8 stars out of 5 for their overall user experience.

Many customers have highly rated the C6 for its:

  • Durability
  • Sturdy build
  • Easy access to popular fitness apps
  • Affordability compared to other popular exercise bikes
  • A large library of recorded videos to make one’s working out a lot of fun
  • Delivering a quiet and smooth ride
  • Easy assembly
  • Awesome customer service

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Customers have rated the M3i for its awesome quality:

  • The exercise bike is virtually silent
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Multiple handlebar positions
  • Sturdy and heavy but easy to move with the wheels
  • Rock-solid frame that is durable and sturdy
  • The “high-quality” applies to almost all parts of the bike
  • Works well in a multi-use room

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Price Comparison: Is the C6 or M3i Cheaper?

The Bowflex C6 and Keiser M3i are two of the best indoor exercise bikes on the market today. The Bowflex is currently available from the official website of the product and is priced at $949. You have to pay the monthly subscription fee to access popular fitness apps.

On the other hand, the Keiser M3i is a more expensive option which is priced at around $2,000. You also have to pay extra for the “M-Series Converter” to access popular fitness apps. You have to subscribe to your desired fitness app by paying the monthly subscription fee of the app.

If you are looking for an affordable and quality exercise bike with immediate access to popular fitness apps, the Bowflex C6 is the ideal option for you. It’s almost $1,000 less than the Keiser M3i.

Summary: What’s The Better Bike For You?

Indoor exercise bikes have become popular in the market due to the many features of such products. They help you lose weight fast and improve your overall health and well-being.

Bowflex C6 and Keiser M3i are two of the best indoor exercise bikes on the market today. Both these bikes are highly rated by real users due to their build quality and numerous features. Both indoor exercise bikes are great options for your home or gym.

But if you had to choose between the Bowflex C6 and Keiser M3i, we’d recommend Bowflex C6. Bowflex C6 is the cheaper option out of the two. It’s high-quality and works with a variety of popular fitness apps. The bike is designed so that you could immediately access the app once you subscribe to your favorite fitness app.

That’s why we say you need to invest in the Bowflex C6 indoor exercise bike: