Nexersys N3 Review: The Best Home Boxing System?

Nexersys N3 Review: The Best Home Boxing System?

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We’re always interested in new and exciting ways to bring the workout into the comfort of the home. We’ve seen a lot of great innovations over the last year like the fitness mirror and smart “connected” equipment. By this point, we’ve seen at least half a dozen of each of these devices. We know what they have to offer and what specific elements make them unique.

The Nexersys N3 really excites us because it’s not enough connected smart bike or fitness mirror. It’s something entirely unique that can help you lose weight, build muscle, and improve your skill as a boxer. Whether you’re already an avid boxing fan or you’re completely new to the concept; you can benefit from this machine.

You’re probably still wondering exactly what the Nexersys N3 really is and how it can help you. Why is it better than other at-home gym equipment? Can it really help improve your boxing form? And is it worth that hefty price tag?

We’ve got answers to all of these questions and a few more in the following review.

What Is The Nexersys N3?

a front profile shot of the Nexersys N3

The Nexersys is an at-home boxing trainer. If you’ve trained at a gym before, then you may have spent some time training with focus mitts. Another person, usually a trainer, wears the focus mitts and faces them towards you. Each mitt has a large target on the front. As the trainee, you take time striking one mitt and then the other. The trainer may alternate which mitt is available or move them as you strike.

The Nexersys N3 works in a very similar manner. It’s a lot like having your own trainer in your home. A trainer who is always prepared with his best pair of focus mitts.

That’s also exactly what it look likes. It’s not much in terms of design, but the compact stand and pads do make it easy to move and store the trainer when not in use.

It consists of a large base and a frame. The frame has a single large pad on the front that represents the body. There are two branching rods on either side of the frame, each with its own focus mitt that represent head strikes. At the top of the frame, in between all of the pads, is an 18.5″ display screen that runs the Nexersys training app.

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How Does It Work?

Using the N3 looks and feels a lot like playing a video game. You follow a training course on the screen and strike the various pads as instructed. Sensors in the pads record feedback and can be used to track your progress. Of course, that “video game” feeling will begin to fade away as your heart rate increases, the sweat begins to pour, and you feel the burn.

At the heart of the N3 training routine is the Nexersys app. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. It comes loaded with features and is designed to work flawlessly with the Nexersys training machines. The app is where you will find all of the workouts and training programs intended for use on the N3. It’s not impossible to use the machine without this app, but it certainly makes a big difference.

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The majority of workout programs are designed as High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) programs at their core. There will be extended moments of intense cardio followed by brief moments of slower movements.

But these workout programs do differ from the average HIIT programs due to their focus on boxing technique and form. You’ll gradually notice your striking pose, form, and power improving with time.

Once you’ve spent a few practice rounds with the Nexersys N3 you can use the app to create your own custom workout routine. You can choose more advanced training options, some of which focus on cardio routines and some of which focus on boxing form. There are more than 50 different strikes and combos that the N3 can detect and measure via sensors.

N3 Elite vs Commercial vs Pro vs Youth: Key Differences Between The N3 Models

a woman uses an N3 Elite

There are four different N3 models currently on the market. Each model differs somewhat in price and the features they offer. The good thing about having a variety like this is that you can more easily find a model that fits in your budget range.

1. Nexersys N3 Elite

This is the flagship product and their cheapest machine designed for adults. It’s a more compact, lightweight model with an 18.5″ screen. The construction relies on mostly consumer-grade materials and electronics. It’s the perfect choice for someone investing in the N3 purely for exercise purposes. More serious boxers interested in full training sessions might prefer one of the more expensive options.

2. Nexersys N3 Pro

This model is only one step up from the N3 Elite, but it comes in at almost twice the cost. The major difference between the Pro and the Elite is the material used for construction. The Pro relies entirely on industrial-grade materials and electronics. It’s bulkier and heavier, but it can also take a serious beating. This is a boxing trainer that will last you a lifetime. It also has a slightly larger screen at 21.5″.

3. Nexersys N3 Commercial

If you’re interested in the biggest and best model that they have to offer, then the N3 Commercial model is the right choice. Once again, the weight and stability increase compared to the previous model. They’ve also improved the high-density foam used in the focus mitts. But the first thing you’ll notice when looking at the N3 Commercial model is that it has 5 strike pads instead of 3. The 2 additional pads at the bottom allow for more varied and effective training sessions.

4. Nexersys N3 Youth

We believe you’re never too old or too young to learn proper boxing form. And you’re certainly never too young to start thinking about your personal fitness. The Nexersys N3 is a boxing trainer designed for younger kids. It’s smaller and more lightweight than the N3 Elite, but otherwise contains all of the same great training features.

What Is The Nexersys Crossbody Trainer?

a sideshow of the Crossbody Trainer

If you really want to take your boxing training to the next level, then the Nexersys Crossbody Trainer is a great companion machine. It’s a simple machine intended to replicate the training experience of a speed bag at the local gym, but only better. It has an 8-inch double-end bag connected to a 3-axis sensor. All of this is connected to a sturdy frame with an adjustable shock cord and steel bow frame.

The Crossbody Trainer also comes with its own companion app. The sensors in the device can communicate with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. You can even hold the device on the frame itself with the universal tablet holder. The Crossbody workouts are surprisingly intense despite the simplicity of the machine itself.

We love this trainer because of how well it complements the Nexersys N3 training style. You can easily incorporate it into an existing N3 workout session or choose to utilize them on alternate days. And the best part is that it won’t be nearly as expensive as purchasing a second N3. The Crossbody Trainer is less than $300 and the app is free.

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Why We Love Boxing Workouts

We understand that boxing workouts aren’t for everyone. They are extremely physical, intense, and demanding. But for those who are willing to stick with the program, they can offer one of the best workout programs imaginable.

Most boxing workouts could be classified as cardiovascular workouts. You’ll get your heart rate going fast and the fat will start to melt away. There’s no needs to rely on weights or resistance bands. The only equipment you need is attached to the base of the Nexersys N3.

This is also one of the few workout options that actively improves hand-eye coordination. That’s a problem we’ve all struggled with as we grow older. It also becomes more important to stay coordinated as we age. A single slip and fall could have serious consequences. With boxing workouts, we gain confidence on our feet placement and our movement. That confidence carries over to everyday life.

Boxing workouts are among the most well-rounded exercise options we know of. Yes, it is primarily a cardio workout, but it engages nearly all of the muscles in the body. So while you’re shedding fat you’ll also be building strength, stamina, and endurance. The rewards from thirty minutes with a boxing workout are often far more noticeable than 30 minutes spent on a treadmill.

What I Love About Nexersys

a look a the nexersys workouts

As a brand, we love Nexersys because of its clear focus and dedication. They aren’t trying to compete with all of the big at-home gyms and exercise brands. They are focused on combining at-home exercise with reliable boxing training. When they release new equipment it follows this same formula. No matter what you purchase from them, you can be confident it will help you throw a better punch and lose a few pounds along the way.

When it comes to the Nexersys N3, there are 3 main features that we really love.

  • The App

This applies to the N3 app as well as the Crossbody Trainer app. Both of these apps are designed perfectly to work with their companion machine. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles or confusing features. And there’s no expensive annual fee to use the app. We think it’s one of the best workout companion apps out there.

  • The Price Range

We can admit that the Nexersys N3 isn’t exactly cheap. But what quality at-home workout equipment really is? What we really liked is that they have a variety of models that cover a range of prices. If you’re interested in saving as much money as possible, then the N3 Elite is a great choice. But if you want the best money can buy, then the N3 Commercial is definitely better.

  • The Results

This should be the most important part of any exercise equipment. What good is it if it doesn’t deliver the results? The N3 system manages to continually deliver results no matter how long you use it. The workout programs can be customized in ways so that you are always working a different combination or striking order. You’re guaranteed to improve as long as you stick with the program.

How The Nexersys Workouts Take Boxing To The Next Level

The 3D animated mitts and sparring partner really help you immerse yourself in every workout. It’s easy to forget that you’re still at home working out with a machine. The graphics may not be what you’d expect from the latest gaming consoles, but they are enough to keep you in the zone and suspend reality while you exercise.

The sensors placed throughout the machine help improve the efficiency of every workout session. You’ll be able to view real-time feedback and long-term tracking of your progress. These sensors track important stats like:

  • Accuracy
  • Power
  • Strike Count

These are all important metrics for any aspiring boxer. And if you stick with the outlined routine you should notice your accuracy increasing, your power climbing, and more strikes counted in any given time period. With this one machine, you can take your boxing game to the next level.

Is It Compact Enough For Most Homes?

Absolutely. Though each model varies slightly in its size and weight, they are all compact enough to fit in most homes. Even if you don’t have an entire room dedicated to your home gym. The Nexersys N3 Elite can easily hide in the corner of your bedroom or office. The compact footprint is designed to fit in a 4×4-foot and it stands 50 inches tall.

The largest model, the N3 Commercial, is taller, heavier, and bulkier. Even so, it can still fit in that same 4×4-foot designated area. As long as you have a small corner of your room to dedicate to the equipment you shouldn’t have any problem at all.

They are somewhat heavy; ranging between 190 and 270 pounds. You likely won’t want to move them often after you have found a spot for them. It’s not a piece of equipment that should be stashed away in the closet when you are finished.

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Is It Hard To Assemble?

Not at all. It is; however, a two-person job. Be sure to invite over a friend or family member to help you with assembly when the machine arrives. Each model comes with its own assembly instructions and operation manual. You should be able to assemble the N3 within a few hours and it will be ready for use immediately afterward. Remember, you’ll need a 4×4-foot area that is near an AC power outlet. The assembly manual advises a space of 10×6-foot for assembly purposes.

There are no special tools needed for assembly. A crescent wrench and hex keys is all that you’ll need to complete the job. Both of these are shipped with the N3.

Can Beginners Use Nexersys?

Yes. Every model can be used equally well by beginners. They do not require any previous boxing experience or even any time spent in a gym. These are actually great machines for people who are newly interested in boxing. Their workouts will help you perfect a variety of specifics like form, shoulder placement, foot placement, and striking distance.

The app contains a lot of workout programs designed intentionally for beginners. The good news is that after using the Nexersys N3 for a few months you won’t consider yourself much of a beginner. Your strikes will improve, you’ll have more energy, and you might even feel ready to jump into the ring with a real partner.

How Much Does It Cost?

We’ve already covered the difference in features from one model to the next. Let’s take a second to look at the price of each model as well.

  • Nexersys Crossbody Trainer: $295
  • Nexersys N3 Youth: $1,795
  • Nexersys N3 Elite: $2,495
  • Nexersys N3 Pro: $5,495
  • Nexersys N3 Commercial: $6,995
  • *Prices current at the time of publication –see current Nexersys prices at Amazon

Summary: Final Tips For Deciding If Nexersys Is Right For You?

The Nexersys is a considerable investment so it makes sense to be certain before making your purchase. We recommend taking a moment to ask yourself what you want from your home gym equipment. Are you interested in some lightweight jogging? Or maybe you’d enjoy a casual cycle session with your friends. Those are both fine goals, but that’s not what the Nexersys has to offer.

Do you want to shed fat? Do you want to improve your hand-eye coordination? Do you want to feel like you’re training with a professional boxer even though you never left your living room? If so, then the Nexersys N3 and the Nexersys Crossbody Trainer are perfect for you. They combine HIIT and boxing training in the home in a way that no other equipment can do.

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