FightCamp vs Nexersys: Tips for Picking the Best Home Boxing App for You

FightCamp vs Nexersys: Tips for Picking the Best Home Boxing App for You

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Boxing has become a popular cardiovascular option for those who don’t like traditional machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and/or rowers.

These individuals are starting to look towards two boxing-oriented solutions in the form of FightCamp and Nexersys.

Which one is the best? What do these two options have to offer? Here is a detailed look at the two while comparing their features.

Features Compare: FightCamp vs Nexersys

Nexersys Features Overview

features overview 2

  • Dynamic 3D Trainer

This is one of the key features that come along with Nexersys and its machines.

The idea is to have a 3D trainer that shows you what to do throughout the workout session. This includes realistic feedback during the workout based on where you are punching or striking the pads.

This attention to detail is powerful and it is something that is going to take your workout sessions to the next level in a matter of minutes.

  • Bilateral Arm Movement

It is one thing to keep punching a bag from the same angle and another to hit multiple pads from different angles.

Nexersys does a good job of offering something unique because you are not going to settle into one strike pattern. Instead, you are going to work through a wide array of movement patterns during a workout round.

The benefits include:

  • Unique Combinations
  • Personalized Movements
  • Engaging Workout Sessions

These benefits are a great example of what the workout solution has to offer.

It allows you to hit the pads from a long list of angles making it impossible to mimic the same workout twice. Just this alone is wonderful and showcases the value of using something like this.

  • Nexersys App

Nexersys realizes people want to have access to an app where all of the workouts are listed in an easy to follow manner.

This is why the app is perfect for those who want to join in, adapt, and start incorporating different strategies into their workouts.

The app provides access to several boxing-related workouts that can be done with the help of the machine. This alone is powerful and ensures you are going to get more out of each workout as soon as you settle in.

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FightCamp Features Overview

features overview 1

  • Free-Standing Punching Bag

The core element of FightCamp is to have a free-standing punching bag that can be set up wherever you are. This means you can set it up in front of a TV and start going to work on the punching bag based on what the workout demands.

This is done to keep things as simple as possible and ensure you can hit the bag from different angles as you want to.

It can be a unique way to strike the bag and make boxing a fun part of your workout sessions.

  • Punch Trackers

This is one of those details people don’t think about when they are boxing. You will want to learn more about what is going on during a workout, how your body is reacting, and where you are hitting the bag.

This is where the punch trackers come into action as you can track where your punches are hitting.

The benefits include:

  • Complete Analysis
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Ideal for Personalized Workout Sessions

This is powerful information for those who want to learn more about how their body is doing and don’t just want to go through the motions.

  • FightCamp App

The FightCamp App is an immersive solution where everything is laid out in an easy to follow manner. Join through the membership program and gain access to loads of relevant information and workout programs.

It’s an ideal fit for anyone that is learning how to box and want to do it the right way.

Workout and App Comparison

FightCamp Workouts

  • 600+ Workouts

FightCamp goes above and beyond in offering a different way to work out and that includes providing access to approximately 600+ workouts at any given moment.

These workouts are fun, unique, and set up in a way to have fun.

These can include:

  • Quick Burn Workout
  • Lower Body Workout
  • Full Body Kicking Workout
  • Pro Combos Boxing Workout

Just being able to go through these workouts can be a lot of fun and that is what you are going to be attracted to as soon as you settle into a workout session.

  • Workout Rounds

FightCamp is set up in a way where the goal is to go through workout rounds. This is done as a way to ensure you are powering through a high-intensity approach to punching while going at the bag.

This will get the heart rate up and you are going to realize it is not always easy to start punching the bag as you would assume.

It will start to become harder and harder the deeper you go into a workout session.

Nexersys Workouts

  • MMA and Boxing Strikes

The reason Nexersys stands out has to do with the wide array of strike options.

There are multiple pads in play and each one offers a unique way to strike. This means you can kick and punch from different angles while burning calories.

The workouts are set up in a way to make use of these strikes and get more out of the workouts you are going through.

  • Circuit Training

Circuit training is something Nexersys emphasizes every step of the way.

This includes going through longer sessions to get the heart rate up. This is done by working through a long list of strikes as you hit the different pads from different angles. In a matter of minutes, you are going to be sweating buckets and that is what the workouts intend to do.

Cost Comparison: Is FightCamp or Nexersys More Affordable?

FightCamp Pricing Options

  • Fightcamp Personal – $1,219 + Tax
  • Fightcamp Triber – 1,349 + Tax
  • Monthly Subscription – $39/Month

Nexersys Pricing Options

  • N3 Elite – $2,295.00 + Tax
  • N3 Commercial – $6,995.00 + Tax
  • N3 Pro – $5,495.00 + Tax
  • *Prices current at the time of publication – see current prices at Amazon

This is a key detail to think about when it comes to investing in your home gym. If you are thinking about buying a new boxing solution for your cardio workouts, it is time to look at the pricing that is in play here.

Nexersys is far more expensive than FightCamp but also comes with multiple pads to strike. This gives a more well-rounded workout each time you step up to the machine. However, you will get free content without having to sign up for a subscription.

While FightCamp provides a more affordable entry point while also providing an app to subscribe to.

Benefits of Boxing Workouts: Why You Should Consider FightCamp and Nexersys

1. Improved Posture

One of the main benefits people tend to list when it comes to boxing equipment has to do with the improvement in their posture.

You are going to get the opportunity to go through an all-encompassing workout session while boxing and seeing a natural improvement in how you stand. This happens because you begin to loosen up a variety of muscles in the human body while also getting them used to getting stronger.

This is a win-win because not only are you burning calories, but you are also getting fitter across the board.

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2. Customized Workouts Every Session

The workout sessions that you are going to go through will be different from what you would get with a conventional workout machine.

This has a lot to do with the level of customization that is going to be at play. A lot of people don’t want to do the same thing again and that is why boxing is great.

It will allow you to punch in different ways, adapt to your body’s needs, and more value out of each workout session.

3. Full-Body Movement

One of the reasons people enjoy boxing has to do with the full-body movement. You are not only going to be working out the lower body, but also the upper body.

This is essential when it comes to getting a more realistic workout in as that is what it all comes down to. You are not going to be sitting down and just spinning your legs to get the heart rate up. Instead, you are going to be moving around, punching, and getting more value out of each minute spent working out.


Both FightCamp and Nexersys are good in their own ways. Both offer a long list of options, a unique layout, and a great way to incorporate boxing into your cardio program.

Consider Nexersys if…

You are serious about boxing and want to enjoy something that works on realistic strikes, unique angles, and comes with a long list of workouts (600+). This is a great option for those who not only want to do a bit of boxing but don’t mind MMA strikes either.

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Consider FightCamp if…

You want to use something affordable, regularly updated, and provides a way to make use of fine-tuned punch trackers. It is a high-tech solution that is great for beginners that want to receive guidance while learning more about boxing the right way.