Schwinn IC4 vs. Peloton: Which Bike is Cheaper?

Schwinn IC4 vs. Peloton: Which Bike is Cheaper?

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Stationary exercise bikes are not new, but they are surging in popularity these days because of technologically-advanced features such as live and on-demand videos. Many people rely on smart exercise bikes to make them sweat it out in the morning before starting work.

These people are on the lookout for the best stationary bike on the market.

Peloton is a company that manufactures high-tech stationary bikes. Peloton’s own bike is one of the best smart exercise bikes available on the market today.

Although Peloton is one of the best stationary bikes out there, it comes with a few drawbacks, too. For starters, the bike is super expensive. The upfront cost and the price of the monthly subscription service for the fitness app are the main drawbacks of the bike.

That’s why most people are searching for viable alternatives to the Peloton stationary bike when shopping for the best exercise bike on the market.

Schwinn IC4 is a viable alternative to the Peloton exercise bike.

The most important advantage of opting for the Schwinn IC4 is the low price tag of the product. Just because the price is low, it doesn’t mean the IC4 is inferior to Peloton. Although Peloton has some extra features, IC4 tries to match most of the advanced features offered by Peloton. F

or example, Schwinn IC4 is one of the very few exercise bikes with access to live streaming and on-demand video. IC4 is compatible with fitness apps like Peloton, Explore the World and Zwift.

That’s why you need to opt for Schwinn IC4 if you are searching for an affordable but high-tech exercise bike on the market.

This article provides a comprehensive comparison of the Schwinn IC4 and Peloton exercise bikes.

Schwinn IC4

schwinn ic4

Priced at $799, the Schwinn IC4 (get the full details) is considered an affordable option to Peloton when it comes to the best exercise bikes on the market. In fact, the IC4 delivers the Peloton experience on a budget.

It comes with a smooth-running 400-pound drivewheel. dual-link pedals with toe cages, and hundred levels of micro-adjustable resistance (magnetic). The Bluetooth connectivity of IC4 lets you use it with a wide variety of apps such as the Peloton app and Zwift.

By investing in the Schwinn IC4, you get to an option to stream the best spin workouts on a bike with an affordable price point.

The 40-pound drivewheel is heavy enough to support a wide range of workouts for both newbies and pros. You can increase or decrease the challenge depending on your preferences thanks to the 100 levels of quiet magnetic resistance.

Even though the IC4 doesn’t have all the high-tech bells and whistles like the more expensive Peloton, it’s quite an impressive bike for its price point. That’s why you need to invest in the Schwinn IC4 without further delay.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity: You have the option of streaming spin workouts from the world’s best trainers via Peloton and Zwift from the IC4.
  • Heavy Drive: You have a wide range of fitness levels and challenges thanks to the 40-pound flywheel of the bike.
  • Plenty of Resistance: You can easily find the perfect challenge with the hundred micro-adjustable resistance levels provided by the stationary bike.
  • Multi-Grip Handlebar: The multi-grip handlebars will let you work out different muscle groups and be comfortable during the entire process.
  • Customized Pedals: The dual-link foot pedals have toe cages to help customize your ride.
  • Tablet Holder: Lets you place a tablet or mobile phone and listen to your favorite music while exercising. This is also key for streaming live and on demand workouts, via apps like Peloton.
  • Upper Body Workout: You get a pair of 3-pound dumbbells with the bike. It will help support your upper body workouts.
  • LCD Display: You can track your calories, distance, time, heart rate, and more with this feature.
  • Water Bottle Holder: Lets you keep your water bottle within easy reach.
  • Warranty: The frame has 10 years while the mechanical and electrical parts have a 3-year warranty.

Does it work with Peloton?

Yes, the Schwinn IC4 is compatible with several fitness apps including Peloton.

You have access to live and on-demand workouts from the best trainers in the industry when you invest in the Schwinn IC4 exercise bike.

Who Should Consider The IC4?

Anyone who is looking for a high-tech stationary bike at an affordable price should invest in the Schwinn IC4. It’s considered one of the best alternatives to the Peloton bike. You have access to live and on-demand video training when you purchase this product.

Where to Get the Best Price?

Even though there are many e-commerce stores that sell the Schwinn IC4, the official Schwinn website is the best place to buy the product.

Peloton Bike

peloton bike

Most buyers are scared away by the price tag and subscription charges of the Peloton exercise bike. But it’s one of the most advanced stationary bikes on the market today.

There are many high-tech features in Peloton that you won’t find in most of the other exercise bikes. Although you could buy a cheap exercise bike for around $200, you will easily get bored with such a bike.

When this happens, you will have to shop for a quality exercise bike once again. Peloton is a bike that you will never get bored with. You are essentially getting a gym and a personal trainer both together when you invest in this product.

If you can afford it, the Peloton is one of the best exercise bikes on the market.


  • You have the option of connecting with spin classes 24/7 via the Peloton app.
  • It comes with a 21.5″ touchscreen and stereo speakers for a highly immersive experience.
  • The bike is compatible with wired as well as Bluetooth headphones.
  • Automated statistics tracking using Bluetooth.
  • In-class video chat enabled through webcam.
  • Durable and sturdy frame made with welded steel and powder coating.
  • The bike takes more floor space than most of the other products.
  • Handlebar and saddle are adjustable.
  • Excellent customer service by phone or online chat.

Live & On-Demand Workouts

Live and on-demand workouts are accessible via the Peloton app. You have to subscribe to this app to access the training. You will be charged $39/month for this service.

Who Should Consider Peloton?

Anyone who is looking for a high-tech stationary bike and has some extra money to spend can consider purchasing this product. The bike costs $2,245 including delivery with assembly. But you have to factor in the $39/month for the fitness app.

Where To Get The Best Price?

The best place to buy the bike is the official Peloton website. You will get the best price when you buy from them.

Price Comparison: Is Peloton or Schwinn IC4 Cheaper?

When comparing the prices of Peloton and Schwinn IC4, the latter is an affordable model with some of the high-tech features included in Peloton. The IC4 costs only $799 compared to a starting price tag of about $1,895 for the basic Peloton bike.

Workout Comparison

Both bike models – Peloton and Schwinn IC4 – have access to fitness apps including the Peloton app. You can subscribe to the peloton app via IC4 to train with some of the best personal trainers in the world.

While you can use the Peloton app with the Schwinn IC4, you don’t get access to features like the Peloton leader board, to it’s limiting in some ways.

That said, you can still take part in the live and on demand workouts with the Schwinn, so if you’re looking to save more than $1,000, it’s definitely a cheaper way to utilize the Peloton app.


If you are searching for a high-quality stationary bike on the market, you have come to the right place. Peloton and Schwinn IC4 are two of the best exercise bikes out there.

Both these models come with high-tech features including access to fitness apps like Peloton. Both are great products.

Our Top-Rated Deal? The Schwinn IC4:

But if you are looking for the best deal of the two, then the IC4 is the way to go, as it’s a lot cheaper, and can be used with the Peloton app…for us, that’s a win-win.