Why are Curved Treadmills so Expensive?

Why are Curved Treadmills so Expensive?

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The treadmill industry continues to welcome new advancements with each passing year and that includes the heralded curved surface. This non-motorized home gym machine is a powerhouse and one that is gaining intrigue among the masses.

A curved treadmill is just as it sounds. It offers a curved surface that acts as a more natural running surface based on how the feet hit the running belt.

It is often used by professionals to maximize performance and reduce the overall impact on their joints. For those eager to buy one, it’s important to understand why this type of treadmill is far more expensive than the traditional one.

Top Reasons Why Curved Treadmills Are Expensive

1. Shock Absorbing Technology

the running surface of a curved treadmill

One of the core features associated with a quality curved treadmill involves shock absorption.

If the shock absorption isn’t good enough, you aren’t going to see appropriate results. This is one of the biggest challenges a company has to think about as they are designing this type of treadmill.

The curved surface makes it tough to maximize the various pressure points. Unlike a straighter surface, the pressure points are angled on a curved treadmill.

These are taken into consideration during the design phase and that adds up in costs. It is important to account for this when buying a brand-new curved treadmill.

2. Angled Components

As you are scanning the overall aesthetic of the curved treadmill, it will become evident the components are angled in a way that requires complex engineering.

It is these angled components that play a role in how well the treadmill works.

If they are not properly installed and/or built, this can end up impacting performance. Due to this and how the components are set up, it increases the price of an average curved treadmill.

This can include:

  • The Running Belt
  • Underlying Shock Absorption Components
  • Internal Base/Foundation of the Machine

In essence, you are paying for the amount of work that is done to ensure the machine continues to work smoothly when you are running.

Unlike a straighter surface, this can break down if the underlying components aren’t set properly.

3. Robust Build Quality

A key detail to think about involves the overall build quality.

If you ever take a look at a curved treadmill, it will become obvious this is a machine built to last. Each component is rigorously set up to ensure it isn’t going to rattle and/or break down as soon as you begin to run.

Since it is a non-motorized setup, everything is reliant on the components weathering the pressure they are put under during a running session.

With years of testing, companies that made curved treadmills have finally got it down to a science. This is an engineering marvel and one that might not have been possible in the past.

However, nowadays the curved treadmill is a reality but that advancement comes at a price.

4. Heavier Components

When it comes to building a curved treadmill, the engineers will go through a long list of details to make sure it lasts and works well.

This includes which components are going to be used to build the treadmill.

In general, the average curved treadmill is going to be far heavier than its regular treadmill. This has to do with how the curved base is made and the components used to ensure it doesn’t break where the curve is. This is a key detail to focus on when understanding the value proposition of a good curved treadmill.

The benefits include:

  • Robust Build
  • Ideal for Advanced Users
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Any time you buy a curved treadmill, you are going to gain access to a legitimate treadmill that has a presence.

This is good for those who are setting up a world-class home gym and want something that stands out for all the right reasons.

It is going to be heavier to move but this also means it is going to last for a long time.

5. Refined Running Belt

This is one of the more obvious elements of a curved treadmill.

Your eye is going to go on the frame and the running surface. This is where you are also going to find the running belt, which is one of the more expensive elements of the machine.

Why is it expensive and why does it play a role in driving the price up? It has to do with how refined the running belt is with the rest of the machine.

If the running belt doesn’t go across the surface smoothly, it will start leading to injury. There is a considerable amount of testing done to ensure it will continue to run well at higher speeds.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, the running belt has to be perfect. Any hitches and you are going to get hurt. This is why the development team goes through each detail during the manufacturing process to ensure the running belt is silky smooth.

6. Involves Human Construction

One of the more underrated aspects of a curved treadmill has to do with the human element in the construction phase. Yes, it is not easy to manufacture these treadmills and a lot of the underlying components are set by hand rather than a machine.

This means you are getting something that has sweat equity at play.

If you want a machine that is the real deal and incorporates high-value manufacturing then it is best to look at the curved treadmill. This is a machine that is different from other options on the open market and it has a lot to do with how it is made.

Having something that entails human involvement during the manufacturing phase sheds light on why it costs a pretty penny.

You will know it has been made the right way and there are multiple checks along the way. This guarantee is a real plus point when it comes to the longevity of a curved treadmill.

What is the Best Curved Treadmill?

the TrueForm Runner Treadmill with a grass surface

When it comes to the best curved treadmill on the market right now, there is nothing better than the critically acclaimed TrueForm Runner Treadmill.

This is a power-packed machine full of high-value features that will leave a smile on your face. The team behind this has thought of everything and made sure it is a comprehensive machine with all the perks you could ever need.

It is heralded for offering a refined experience that is on par with any other treadmill on the market. If you want the right balance of quality, performance, and durability then this is right up there with the best.

The benefits include:

  • Exceptional Shock Absorption
  • Easy to Operate
  • Refined Moving Pattern on the Belt
  • Great Build Quality

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The TrueForm Runner Treadmill is perfect because it is not just about the curved running surface. It is about the overall experience and how well it functions as soon as you begin to run.

The shock absorption technology is some of the finest on the planet and is going to feel impressive under your feet. It starts to reveal itself more and more as you begin to lengthen your strides during an all-out sprint.

Being able to rely on this treadmill’s capacity to withstand that type of duress is what makes it great for your joints.

If you are on the lookout for a world-class curved treadmill and have the money to spend, it is time to look at the benefits of the TrueForm Runner Treadmill. It is the real deal.